What are Good Manners?

Manners are something used every day to make a good impression on others and to feel good about oneself. No matter where you are – at home, work, or with friends – practicing good manners is important.

Good manners are more than opening doors and writing thank you notes. While opening doors for others and writing notes is nice, true courtesy goes deeper. Being polite and courteous means considering how others are feeling.

If you practice good manners, you are showing those around you that you are considerate of their feelings and respectful. You are also setting standards for others’ behavior and encouraging them to treat you with similar respect.

Every culture and individual may have different rules or feelings about what is polite or is not polite. These rules may differ from person to person or based on situation, but there is one rule of good manners (and life, in general) that is always easy to follow – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

A person with good manners shows respects towards feelings and sentiments of others living in the surroundings. He/she never differentiates people and shows equal regard to everyone. Modesty, humbleness, kindness, and courtesy are the essential traits of a well-behaving person. Hence, a well-behaved person never feels proud or arrogant and always take care of the feelings of others. Practicing good manners and following them all through the day will definitely bring sunshine and add qualities to life.

Must have Good Manners

Though traits within good manners are uncountable, some traits are a must. These good manners are necessary for all. Some of such good manners which we can practice in our daily life are like:

  • We must learn the habit of sharing things to others.
  • We should be helpful, polite and humble to others in every possible way.
  • We must use the words ‘sorry’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘time wish’ as and when required.
  • We must respect the other’s property and always take permission before using.
  • We must be responsible as well as self-dependent for everything at every place.
  • We must behave in a good way with humble respect to our teachers, parents, other elders and senior citizens.
  • We should always maintain cleanliness at home, school, and all other public places.
  • We should not use any offensive or abusive language to others at home or any other place.
  • We must give the seat for senior citizens while using public transport.

Importance of Good Manners in our Life

Good manners are very important in our daily life. Importance of these in life is the well-known facts. Good manner creates an effective interaction with friends as well as make a good impression on a public platform. It helps us to be positive throughout the day. Therefore, parents must help their kids to inculcate all possible good manners in their habit.

Good manners always give the opportunity for a new conversation with people and hence the ultimate success in life. If someone talks to you badly, then still don’t talk him in the same way. Always talk him in your own positive way of behaving to give him the chance to change.


Good manners are vital to each and everyone in the society. These will definitely help us for getting popularity and success in life because nobody likes mischief and misbehaved person. Good manners are like a tonic to the people living in society.

People with polite and pleasant nature are always popular and respectable by a large number of people. Obviously, such people are having magnetic influence over others. Thus, we must practice and follow good manners in our life always.